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Children’s Therapy Network is dedicated to helping children grow. In order to achieve this it is important to make them comfortable and happy to see us. Your initial visits may consist of just getting to know us and getting your child comfortable. Some kids jump right in and are comfortable the first day. Others may take a little time to warm up. The attachment period is critical for children. By jumping in too early, kids may actually reject the interventions of the therapist. We recommend for younger children to make sure they are fed and well rested. You may think about bringing a favorite toy or comfort item the first visit. For older children, take the time to explain to them where they are going, why and what to expect.
The first visit is also the great opportunity for the caregiver to speak to the therapist. Not only does this take the attention off the child, helping them to ease into the environment, but it is also a time to build report with your therapist. Family participation in their child’s therapy is expected at CTN.

What to bring on your first visit