How to get started:

Getting started is easy, and we can help guide you through the process: (Click here to fill out the initial intake form)

     1) Phone call, email or fax inquiry:
The first thing to do is contact us. You can call us directly, and we will guide you through the process. Our referrals manager or clinical director can answer most questions you have regarding therapy for your child, the evaluation, therapy and payment process. In order to help us get started, we will need the answers to questions on our intake form.

Or you can have your doctor, school, or case-manger reach out to us on your behalf. If you have already done your homework and have determined that CTN is the place for you, you will have to tell your doctor, school or case-manager that you want CTN.

     Phone: 805-667-8200
     Fax: 805-667-8201
     Email: [email protected]

     2) Intake Information:
If after the initial inquiry it is determined that therapy with CTN is appropriate we will need several items to get stated (Depending on the funding source):

           a) Insurance:
               i) Prescription from your doctor. click here if you want to take our form to your doctor to fill out.
               ii) Most recent medical report from your doctor
Copy of the front and back of your insurance card in order to verify benefits.

          b) School:
               ii) Most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP)
               ii) Most recent school assessment or singed assessment plan.
               iii) A signed contract or Individual Service Plan (ISA) agreement from your school.

          c) Regional Center:
               i) Most recent Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)
               ii) Most recent evaluation or request for an assessment

          d) Private Pay:
               Completed Intake Form

     3) Benefits review:
If you are using your insurance, our billing department will contact you prior to your first session/evaluation to review and explain your benefits for therapy services.

     4) Initial Orientation Packet Completed:
Our client liaison will contact you and meet with you either in person or virtually to orient you to CTN and the process. Consider it like “on-boarding” at a new job. We have found that if we take the time to explain and educate our families there is greater satisfaction in our care and achievement of your child’s goals. We want to avoid any “surprises”.
While our entire time is here to help you, the liaison assigned to your family is your best contact when navigating the therapy process.
You can get started by filling out the orientation forms packet now.

     5) Schedule evaluation:
The typical time frame to obtain all required paperwork is about a week. Once we receive all the needed paperwork, we will call you to schedule an evaluation with you and your child. You can also reach us at:
          Phone: 805-667-8200
          Email: [email protected]

     6) Evaluation:
The evaluation will last between 1-2 hours. Your therapist will then need to score and write up the report to send to your doctor, school, or case manager. In some cases, treatment is already approved in advance, and others we have to wait for our recommendations to be approved before treatment can start. This process usually takes about 1-2 week.

Most times, your therapists will be able to give you a general recommendation regarding an ongoing therapy at the conclusion of the evaluation. We work in conjunction with the family’s needs to set goals and recommendations of time and frequency regarding therapy.

     7) Schedule sessions:
If therapy is recommended and your family decides to pursue therapy, we work together to get sessions scheduled. It is absolutely imperative that you are consistent with your therapy schedule. It is only through consistent therapy and parent follow through that your child will succeed in reaching their therapy goals.

     8) Tracking goals and Re-Assessing:
Our therapists are constantly monitoring the goals that have been set out for your child. Depending on the funding source, we will regularly be re-assessing your child’s skills and completing written reports. At any time, it is determined that a change of plan is needed, we will discuss this with you prior to making any changes to your child’s care.

     9) Discharge:
The best outcome is for your child is to be discharged from therapy because they have reached their goals and don’t need us anymore. While we will miss you and your child, having your child reach their goals is our mission.