What is a Certified Autism Center?


Children’s Therapy Network strongly believes in ongoing and advanced educations.  Therefore, CTN and its staff have invested the time to gain the knowledge to better serve our community with Autism. CTN continues to participate in programs through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to obtain and maintain our certifications.

A Certified Autism Center (CAC) is a facility or organization in which at least 80% of their staff is highly trained, fully equipped and certified in the field of autism.  Certified providers include professionals in both healthcare and education that completed additional training to better assist individuals on the spectrum, or to work with other mental health and sensory sensitivities.
Why is this important:

As a parent, we want what is best for our children.  This is especially true when we recognize that our child needs help, and we are looking for a professional to assist them.  If you suspect or know that your child has sensory processing disorder or is on the autism spectrum you will want to make sure that every interaction that your child has with the professional organization is a positive one.  By choosing a Certified Autism Center, you can breathe easy knowing that the majority of the staff (from the front desk clerk up to the owner) have extensive training in interaction with people with sensory disorders and autism. 

For more information visit http://www.autismventura.org/resources/business-directory-2/2037/childrens-therapy-network-ctn/