How do we treat?

We Play with a purpose:  We understand that children learn best when they are having fun.  Therapy should be an enjoyable experience for both the child and the family.  That’s why many of our therapy sessions look like PLAY.  Our therapists encourage activities that serve a therapeutic purpose through fun activities that are easily duplicated by the family in their own homes. We tailor therapy to your child’s needs with family collaboration.  We bring hope and educate each family to help their child reach their highest potential.

While all of our therapies are uniquely tailored to each child, our approach is to use a multi-system approach, which will include the integration of cognitive, language, fine motor, gross motor, and sensory processing techniques into every therapy session.  Cognitive Skills and Sensory Processing affect all areas of development, and therefore are addressed systematically.


Children’s Therapy Network’s collaborative atmosphere is built upon a foundation of dignity and integrity Children’s Therapy Network is a unique company designed to serve each child’s special needs and we are dedicated to preserving the “whole” family approach, recognizing that each child is one part of a complex family unit. The team approach includes a team of highly trained therapist, who take into consideration the parents needs as well as information provided by other caregivers involved in your child’s life.

Each other

Our therapists are training to look at the whole child and not just one skill set. We often find that if there is a delay in one skill set there are dysfunctions in other areas. Remember the human body is a complex organism which requires skills to build on top of the next, and often time’s skills are interdependent on the mastery of other skills. By our team collaborating with each other, we are able to utilize the specialty skills of each other to develop a comprehensive therapy approach that may result in your child receiving therapy from a team of therapists. This will ensure the best approach to achieving your child’s therapy goals.


Our therapists are experienced in collaborating with school districts, teachers and case managers to ensure compliance with your child’s IEP, and reduce delays in services for your child.

Medical Provider/ Case Manager/Service Coordinators: Children with special needs often have other medical and health professionals involved in the oversight of care. We believe that keeping the team informed and involved in the care of your child is the best way to ensure complete care, resulting in your child achieving their therapy goals.

Making Recommendations for Alternative Care

While CTN strives to serve all of your child’s therapy needs, that may mean referring your child to others. We know we cannot be everything to everyone. As our name implies, we have built a strong network with other health care professionals outside of our own company. If we determine you and your child need something that we cannot provide, we will recommend outside help or alternative therapies.

Nutritional Consulting

Research has shown that a personal ability to function and learn is directly linked to our nutritional intake and gut health. CTN believes that assessing a child’s nutritional health is a key to seeing improvements in all therapies

Emotional Counseling

Care for a child’s and family’s emotional well-being is just as important as physical well-being. By supporting the family and encouraging the child’s self-esteem, we believe anything is possible.

Behavioral Therapy

The use of a specific type of therapy to either support or extinguish specific behaviors.

Augmentative Communications Systems

When there are physical barriers that do not allow a child to communicate verbally, there is technology that can be used to augment a child’s ability to communicate.

Casting for Orthotics/Helmets

Children who have low tone, or structural misalignment in their musculoskeletal system that requires an external devise to help support or correct the misalignment.


Our therapists utilize a series of standardized tests, many of which are specific to your child’s challenges. These tests give a standardized result or performance which is useful in determining the services which may be needed. These tests are also useful when speaking with other agencies such as schools, physicians and day cares to provide the needed services which may otherwise be refused to your child.