What is group therapy?

  • A group of children with similar needs who are working on similar skills are seen together as a group. 
  • We limit our class ratios to 1:4, meaning 1 therapist to 4 children.  When there may be more than 4 children in a class, there would also be more therapists in the class.

How does group therapy work?

  • Just like an academic classroom, there is a set time and curriculum
  • Children would engage in social interactions and peer modeling
  • Parents are expected to follow the lead of the therapist and be involved in their child’s therapy during the group.

Why should a parent choose group therapy?

  • Some children learn better in a group through peer interactions.
  • When the needs of the child are primarily social, emotional, or communication, group therapy with other children is often most effective.
  • Modeling by their peers often helps children learn appropriate behaviors.

What a session might look like?

  • For young children group therapy often looks like many “Mommy/Daddy and Me” classes
  • For older school aged children group therapy may look like a typical classroom with a set curriculum.
  • Oftentimes therapy looks like play.  That’s why all of our therapies utilize Play with a Purpose.