What is Baby Wearing?

Baby wearing is a term that simple means carrying your baby on your body, while allowing your hands to be free. There are many baby wearing devices on the market, such as slings, wraps, front packs and backpacks.

Why should I wear my baby?

Baby wearing is an excellent alternative to using the multitude of containers, especially when you are on the move. Wearing your baby reduces the pressure on their heads (see above) that other containers do, which reduces their risk of plagiocephaly.

Baby wearing is not just to keep the baby safe or to allow caregivers the ability to move and get things done while caring for their baby. There are many benefits to wearing your baby that have a direct positive impact on a child’s development.

While humans may have evolved and consider ourselves the top of the chain, we are still mammals, with the same basic bodily needs. If you consider this fact, all mammals carry or wear their babies. Ok, so the squirrel in the back yard doesn’t have a fancy stroller, there is still a biological need for human babies to be cuddled and carried. Along these lines, humans have been wearing their babies for hundreds of years, and continue through multiple cultures around the world.

If we go back to where we addressed “Developmental Milestones”, “Sensory Processing”, and “Tummy Time”, you will read that the human body needs a variety of sensory and environmental stimuli to develop. Wearing your baby helps to provide a plethora of experiences to your baby while keeping them safe. Let’s break it down:

When and How to wear your baby?

While Children’s Therapy Network highly recommends wearing your baby, keep in mind that your baby still needs to move and explore on their own.   A baby carrier is still considered a “container”.  Make sure your baby is getting plenty of Tummy Time when you are not on the move.
Research before you buy: The first thing to consider when considering a baby carrier, is the position of the legs.  We recommend slings or swaddles, although understand there are some excellent front and back packs on the market.  Just as you would with any baby device, check reviews and consumer input before buying.  


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