“An award-winning curriculum that offers a NEW integrated print and digital approach to teach pencil grip, letter formation, and the literacy skills that are needed for print and cursive handwriting.” Content provided by Learning Without Tears ™ 9-1-2020

Handwriting is a critical component of communication and school performance.  While many classrooms are adopting digital communication formats, handwriting continues to be an important element to learn.  Handwriting has shown to involve multiple systems of the body and brain, helping to integrate these systems.  Handwriting involves fine motor skills, visual skills, tactile sensory integration, and gross motor stability.   Regardless of the prevalence with digital forms of communications, children who learn good penmanship and physically write do better in school, have greater cognitive functioning, and improved information recollection. 

Handwriting Without Tears ® curriculum usually is provided by a trained or certified Occupational therapist, physical and speech therapists can also obtain the certification. The curriculum draws on years of innovation and research to provide age appropriate, multisensory strategies to learn handwriting.

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